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Even though it’s becoming more and more popular, the concept of online distance learning is still relatively new. There are many advantages to distance learning that you may have never considered. And with so many options of schools, it can be pretty intimidating to even begin trying to find what school and program is the right choice. Likewise, one has to be wary of “degree mills” and be certain that they are choosing an accredited institution. That is why we created www.DistanceLearningSchools.org: to help you in the process of determining if online education is right for you.

What We Do

In addition to providing you links to various schools that offer distance learning programs, we’ve categorized degree programs by major to help you further narrow down your search. We also offer:

As we continue to improve our site, you will find more and more resources to answer the questions you have about online distance education. Want to get in touch with us? We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at info@www.distancelearningschools.org with any questions and comments.